- Mitsi meticulously rebuild Rotterdam to show
the athletes the way to the next checkpoint.

For the World Championships Triathlon in Rotterdam there needed to be a course animation to show the different routes that could be taking for all the disciplines. Team Mitsi created this animation within 9 days.

Concept, Storyboard, Design, Modeling, Animation and Rendering done in house.
Made in Cinema 4D, render with Octane and composited in After Effects.


Roles: Direction, Animation, Modeling, Texturing and Rendering.
Client: World Championships Triathlon
Agency: Artbox 


Are you watching this and thinking to yourself, how would it be to have a digital version of my town or city,
contact our professional sales department at titsi@mitsi.studio to get your hands on your own.
Heck we even throw in some free boats we downloaded for the Internets. Also comes in red, blue and green.