Mitsi Studio

Specializes in creating high-end 3D film & visuals.

The transferring of new company strategies, ideas, names and products is a serious challenge in this digital age. This is a delicate process where many companies/entrepreneurs wrongly evaluate their steps to accomplish their goals. Mitsi Studio, with its team of 3D animators, designers and filmmakers is specialized in the creation of animations and communicating through 3D content.

The thing that makes Mitsi Studio unique is the base for a collaboration between 3D animators from all over Europe and the United States, who assists our projects wherever needed. With this workflow we can cost-effectively execute almost every request a client has for their projects. Are you curious about the next step in the realization of your own content? Check out the ‘Workflow’ tab for a more detailed description of this process or go directly to the ‘Request quote’ tab for a quote specifically based on your requests.

How countries fight their wars

Award winning project



In order to create a nice product we follow different steps to get an insight into your goals and wishes.

Request and research

Do you want a 3D-design? We would gladly receive a request for an animation.

Planning and cost indication

-When we have done our research we start setting up a planning and a cost indication.

Moodboard and storyboard

-After we have received a green light on the planning and cost indication we start setting up a moodboard and storyboard and we show this to the client.

Mitsi Studio explained

Why do people choose Mitsi Studio and what are the advantages we have to offer to you?

  • An informal offer.
  • Animations/visuals with certain specifics easily designed and rendered out by a team of specialized designers.
  • Deadline? We can produce content within tight time windows.
  • All-in One! We have all facets from A to Z under one name, you have one single contact point to communicate with. That gives you a clear oversight.
  • We visit clients on location, please contact us via our ‘Contact’ tab and we will get back to you and set up a meeting.