Recharge Yourself, Social Roundabout

MG Motors

The Project

Mitsi was invited by kokumi to enter the competition to design a restaurant interior concept for a newbuild building in the NDSM werf of Amsterdam.Kokumi gave us a restaurant concept named: Canvas. Canvas is about an experience. It is the emotion that you feel when you discover a new curiosity, behind that one painting or simply hidden in full sight. Canvas is inspired by trompe l’oeil, a painting technique who responds to the surprise element and the things that makes you curious. Canvas is a lively place where you meet the 178 different Amsterdam cultures. A place where Every bite of adventure promises you and every element of the decor get a new inspiration.

Roles: Look development, Animation, Modeling, Texturing and Rendering.

Client: NR. Pontkade

Agency: Atelier Kokumi