Support Weapons


Moodboard Shotgun: shape

These pictures resemble the shape and dimensions of the gun.

We strafe for a robuust looking weapon by adding large shaped hard surface parts.

The large caliber barrel will be prominently visible to keep it recognisable as a shotgun.


Moodboard Shotgun: surface details

The surface of the shotgun will get a panel plated surface,

covering large parts of the shotgun with added small screws, stamped connector parts etc..


Moodboard Shotgun: Texturing

The textures of the gun will mostly consist of a grainy dark metal surface and smooth brighter metal parts.

The colorisitaion will mostly contain darker diffused tones in combination with a few subtle lighter parts.


Moodboard Shotgun: Ammunition FEEDing

The practical handling of the gun will be through a pump action system.

The ammunition is feeded by an open horizontal magazine situated either at the side or the top of the gun.

This gives the player an interesting view of the shells being loaded into the chamber.


Moodboard emp cannon: shape

Emp 01.jpg

Also the emp gun will have a robuust looking shape with large metal plated surfaces.

The front barrel will have large open parts that makes it more destinctive as an emp cannon.


Moodboard emp cannon: Surface details & Textures

Large metal plates and stamped connector parts will cover most of the emp cannon.

The front of the gun will contain more detailed and moving parts where the emp blast is charged.

As the weapon is charged mutiple lights and small neon areas will be lit up as well.

Like the shotgun the emp cannon will also have dark diffused steel textures with smaller brighter steel parts.


 Moodboard emp cannon: Ammunition feeding

Emp 03.jpg

The emp release will be in the form of a large electro magnetic ball that is charged over time and then released by trigger action.

For reloading the cannon needs an x amount of time to generate a new emp ball.