In order to create a nice product, we follow different steps to get a clear idea about your wishes.


In order to create a nice product, we follow different steps to get a clear idea about your wishes.


1. Request and research

Before we kick off it’s important we have a clear understanding about the companies background, the kind of 3D-content they want designed and what the target audience is.

After we have done our research we can decide what kind of approach works best to make the project a success! Depending on the subjects we just described we choose an animation/design style and communicate this with the client and explain the approach in detail.

A few examples we take into account are: type of company, product/ideas, business stratagy, core-message, platform, budget, direct goals/indirect goals and target audience.

2. Planning and cost indication

Now we have received the request and completed our research, we can start setting up a planning and communicate a cost indication. We divide the planning into blocks and show these blocks in a timesheet, Now we have the planning completely laid out the client has a clear overview of the projects costs and timeframe.

3. Mood board and storyboard

After receiving a green light on the planning and cost indication we start with the moodboard and storyboard. These sketched images/animations show the client the style and in case of an animation the storyline of the project. We make sure we are completely on the same page with the clients wishes before me work out any of the 3D-content in final deliverables.

4. Start production

Based on the feedback covering the moodboard and storyboard we start production on the final deliverables, here we keep as much flexibility as possible in order to implement any changes a client may need.

5. Interim presentation production

Before all 3D-content is rendered out in final quality we have shown the client 2 previews. Preview moving storyboard: This is an animated sketch styled still/animation. The client has a clear idea how the animation in movement is going to play out down to the second.

Preview animation: This is a medium rendered still/animation to show the use of coloring, lighting, grading and is meant to show the client the ‘look and feel’ of the content. According to the feedback we receive on these 2 previews we start the final rendering.

6. Video and sound-editing

The final phase of the process is compositing, grading and adding sound if it is an animation. Also subtitles, voice-overs etc. are optional here. We work with multiple sound-editors and music composers, this allows us to fulfil most requests regarding sound and music editing.

7. Want to know more about workflow?

If you have more questions regarding our workflow, please feel free to contact us directly. We are not shy for a phone call and are happy to tell you more!