ZX 2K Boost

Adidas ZX 2K Boost

Het Project

For the new ZX 2K Boost from Adidas, we have supplemented a film shot with 3D content. To get the structures and materials of the new Adidas shoe right, we gave the 3D objects the same structures as the shoe. We then shaped and animated a series of objects to paste these textures onto. The next challenge was to convert the environment into a 3D space so that we could properly determine the perspective of the room and Kalvijn’s position. After this we were able to overlay the 3D objects with added shadow and reflection layers over the film footage and with grading as the last step to bring this Adidas video to a nice result.

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Roles: Look development, animation, modeling, texturing, rendering, editing, color grading, and VFX supervising

Production: Studio Zelden

Agency: Mediacom

Client: Adidas