The Project

Feel the leather. The lace, the rubber. Feel the street, the hot drops. What was once physical is now digital. The future of streetware is here.
And there’s no going back. SneakerHeads isn’t just an NFT collection. We have created web 3.0’s largest sneaker community. Reshaping the future of distribution and collection.

Step into the World of Sneaker Art: Famous Rappers Reimagined as NFT’s
Dive into a mesmerizing fusion of hip-hop culture and sneaker artistry with our extraordinary NFT project.
We present to you a collection of stunning 3D design still images where the faces of legendary rappers are ingeniously crafted from sneakers and sneaker materials.
We worked with Ali Dawood. The Founder and Artdirector of Sneakerheads. Our role in this project was to create all textures, we modeled, parts of the 3D models and we did the setup of rendering.


Roles: modeling, texturing, rendering

Client: Ali Dawood (Artdirector Founder Sneakerheads)