Stoopid Hoomans

Stoopid Hoomans

Character Design


The Project

Stoopid Hoomans is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy universe for the masses!! While hits like Black Panther, Wonder Woman and the abs of Chris Hemsworth have done a lot to bring these genres to a wider audience, there’s still a lot of work to be done to take them all the way to the mainstream. The mission is to make Stoopid Hoomans a topic of conversation before bedtime with your 12-year-old kids, first dates, awkward cab rides with your boss, and dinnertime with your moody in-laws. With stories that blend comedy, adventure and drama, with characters more diverse than the cast of Glee – there’s something for everyone. We were asked to design the characters. It eventually became 4 characters who will play the leading role in the game.


Roles: Look development, animation, modeling, texturing and rendering.

Client: Imperial College Business School